Our Story
Ki-pepeo Kids Clothing is a Rwandan children fashion brand that focuses on creating classy fun and high quality garments for an everyday happy child!
Ki-pepeo is a Swahili word meaning butterfly!
Why Swahili?
Being part of the East African community, Swahili is the shared language across the region.
Why butterfly?
Inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly that starts off as an ugly caterpillar and goes through life changing experiences that transform it into beautiful and rare creatures. In this same way, Ki-pepeo Kids clothing wants to transform the lives of women tailors in Rwanda while colourfully painting the lives of children with style!! By offering women tailors sustainable employment, a place to increase their knowledge and skills while creating beautiful clothes for children age 0-12. Ki-pepeo kids clothes are inspired by the African prints, designed to offer comfort and making its customers stand out as fun and fashionable!